It’s fun to look back at where you’ve come from and see what is the same and what has changed. Currently I have an exhibition at Nadine’s Fine Art and Frames in downtown Vernon which includes both my first cyanotype works and my most current cyanotype works.  It’s not a true retrospective but more of a snapshot of the bookends of my cyanotype work so far. The original work was done using large photo transparencies created in the darkroom and were commenting on the nature and destruction of the pine beetle creating denim wood.  Cyanotypes lend themselves to this commentary in their graphic blue and white imagery. My current cyanotype works are exploring the wonders of nature in woven form. 

This year I’m looking forward creating a mural at Peachland Elementary  that students will  help to design and create.  It’s a sweet spot for me when I can do a whole school project that is inclusive for all students in the school.  This particular mural will become a teaching wall inside the school where the wonders of the natural world throughout the seasons will be explored on an ongoing basis.