The Art Of Christine Kashuba

Creating cyanotypes combines all the things Christine loves best: drawing, painting, photography and printmaking.  It allows her to mix mark-making and mad-scientist in collaboration with the sun to form these images. Christine finds the “full spectrum” of imagining and creating as engaging as the finished work.

Creating Cyanotypes

Christine’s introduction to cyanotypes began in 2009 by creating works related to the effect pine beetle was having on the forest industry with its denim wood. She discovered this medium of cyanotype which creates dramatic blue and white denim type images.  Fascinated by the process Christine continued to explore cyanotypes creating graphic botanical imagery adding mid tones using plant shadows. Continuing to expand her knowledge of cyanotypes she began to include photographic transfers and drawn imagery in addition to the botanicals. Now Christine’s work has expanded to incorporate photographic, drawn and painted images along with figurative, found and botanical subjects.

Generated during this time of social spacing and isolation this work reflects the experience of traversing natural spaces and enjoying beautiful natural vistas. Observing and interacting with nature on foot or by bicycle is reflected in the imagery.

The cyanotypes are a collection of work on paper and fabric ranging in size from 8 x 10 inches to 42 x 30 inches with most of the work in the 22 x 30 inch range. The subject matter ranges from botanical, figurative, and landscape to abstract.

Christine Kashuba holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, graduating in 2009. Her work is shown in a wide variety of group shows throughout the year and is in collections around the world. An earlier work, monoprint IP 5.6 is part of the permanent collection of UBC Okanagan.
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