Christine Kashuba

Artist Statement


Curiosity drives me to explore the many facets of printmaking. I am motivated by the hiss and pop of the ink under pressure of the brayer opening possibilities of what can be. The ink, viscous and gooey, holds the image captive, ready to be released onto the waiting paper. I love predicting what might be revealed within its layers and textures and then being surprised by the tangible results, the teeter-totter between the controlled and uncontrolled elements, as the final image emerges.


Photography on the other hand invites me to take what already exists and examine it, to capture fragments of time and to reconsider subjects and events from another point of view. I embrace the way photography uncovers mysteries, explores light and shadow, and comments on the world around me. It prods my memory and reminds me of past experiences, bringing attention to things that might otherwise go unnoticed or be forgotten.

Mixed Media

And what of painting? Painting was my first love and my pathway into this artistic journey. Experiencing the wonder of the effects of brush and paint, I began to observe and translate, to bring both realism and impression to paper and canvas. I’d love to say that I am passionate about just one medium or type of creating but that is just not true. I embrace diversity and continue to explore and integrate a variety of media, gravitating to the one that best tells the story.

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